Geri Halliwell unveils short crop as she reflects on her iconic Spice Girls hairstyle

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Photo credit: Mark Cuthbert - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mark Cuthbert - Getty Images

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Geri Halliwell has revealed a new short crop on Instagram as she has reflected on her iconic flame-coloured hairstyle from her Spice Girls days.

The 48-year-old former singer was chatting to Elle about her hair and beauty transformations in a clip filmed from her home in Oxfordshire, which she shared on Instagram. She looked elegant in a high-collared lace dress.

"There is a connotation that comes with ginger, it's an attitude," Geri explained in the clip. "There's a fire in you. You're outspoken. A lot of the things you've seen me as in my hair colour and what I've worn are very authentic to myself and sometimes experimental."

Photo credit: Tim Roney - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tim Roney - Getty Images

Remembering her famous ginger and blonde streaks during the early days of the 1990s girl group, the star continued: "In the Spice Girls when I had the red hair and I had the blonde strips. Now that again was very DIY. 'Cause I liked being blonde but I wanted that authenticity of the red tone. I thought well actually, when you put blonde around your face, it's very uplifting, youthful.

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"And I just put two strips in front of my face. Then i did it to Melanie C as well and it sort of became a thing."

Fans were loving Geri reminiscing about her unforgettable Spice Girls style, which many of us emulated in the '90s.

"Growing up I hated my red hair because people would pick on me for it but having someone like Ginger Spice embrace it always made me feel better. That's why she's my favourite," one fan commented.

Another added: "Iconic - Spice Girls really did influence fashion and trends in a massive way and they don’t get enough credit for it."

Geri is married to Formula One boss Christian Horner, with whom she has a four-year-old son Montague. She also has 14-year-old daughter Bluebell from her former relationship with Sacha Gervasi.

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