Geraldine Larrosa was planning to remarry Il Divo's Carlos Marin before his tragic death

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Carlos Marin and Geraldine Larrosa credit:Bang Showbiz
Carlos Marin and Geraldine Larrosa credit:Bang Showbiz

Carlos Marin’s ex-wife has said the pair had planned to remarry before his tragic death.

French singer Geraldine Larrosa – who goes by the stage name Innocence - was married to the late Spanish singer between 2006 and 2009, and dated him for 13 years prior. Although their three-year marriage ended in divorce the split was amicable and the pair remained close friends.

Il Divo star Carlos passed away on December 19 at the age of 53 after he contracted COVID-19 and was hospitalised at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

At the public wake for Carlos which took place at Saint Isidore Funeral Home in Madrid, Geraldine was reported as saying that their plans to tie the knot for a second time never happened in the end.

Speaking outside the Saint Isidore Funeral Home, she said: "We have been together for 30 years although you'd travel and we'd separate and get back together again.

"During these two years of pandemic we'd been together. We were going to marry and it's not happened in the end."

Geraldine also took to Instagram to post a heartfelt tribute to Carlos where she shared snaps from her original wedding.

Underneath a photo of the musical duo’s 2006 nuptials that took place in Disneyland, she wrote in Spanish: "We were going to repeat this moment but it doesn't matter because I know the universe is going to bring us together millions of times.

"It will wed us millions of times, I don't have any doubt about that.

"I love you with all my soul. Your goddaughter loves you like mad. I know you are here at my side and at our family's side but you have left us with an immense hole in our lives.

"I love you my darling. Your voice, your happiness, your affection and your humour is impregnated on my soul.

“Most people already know but I’ll say it again because I want the whole world to know.

“Carlos Marin has been and will always be the great love of my life.

“He’s the kindest and most generous person in the world.”

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