Georgina Cox Shares Self-Love Reminder We All Need to Hear

Georgina Cox.<p>Courtesy of Georgina Cox</p>
Georgina Cox.

Courtesy of Georgina Cox

Personal trainer Georgina Cox recently issued an incredibly important reminder on social media about self-love and acceptance that we can’t stop thinking about. The English content creator shared an Instagram reel of herself wearing a pair of pink high-waisted leggings and a white sports bra as she showed off her form in the gym.

“My body in the gym..,” she wrote across the Nov. 12 video that depicted Cox flexing. The clip then cut to the online coach in her natural state with her leggings rolled down as she lovingly caressed her stomach. “Also my body in the gym ❤️,” the screen read.

Cox used the brief video to demonstrate that fitness and health “looks different on everyBODY,” which she further mused about in her accompanying caption.

She noted that while the content we consume online can often lead us to doubt our own worth, it’s important to remember that health goes far beyond just physical attributes.

“Now, I realise I DO NOT have to look like the bodies I scroll past online to be healthy, to be happy, to be worthy,” she shared of her own self-love journey. “Body fat, cellulite and stretch marks are just a NATURAL part of me, and they will never define me. Despite what society and the media have lead us to believe, health and fitness looks different on EVERYbody!”

Rather than comparing ourselves to others, Cox encouraged her fans to “find out what health and fitness looks like for YOU, because how you FEEL in your incredible body is the only thing that matters.”

Many of Cox’s 199,000 followers on the platform chimed in to the comments section to thank her for the mental health boost.

“❤️❤️❤️ needed to hear and be reminded of this today!” one fan cheered. “Thank you!”

“Yessss i love this! 😍😍,” someone else added.

“I find this so refreshing, thank you ❤️,” another user praised. “... Your content is always appreciated 🔥.”

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