Georgia Toffolo: There is a place for fast fashion

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Georgia Toffolo thinks there is a place for fast fashion credit:Bang Showbiz
Georgia Toffolo thinks there is a place for fast fashion credit:Bang Showbiz

Georgia Toffolo thinks that there is "a place" for fast fashion.

The 27-year-old reality star - who shot to fame on 'Made in Chelsea' back in 2014 - acknowledged that while clothing that is mass-produced at low-cost can be "ghastly" for the environment, not everyone can afford a luxurious alternative.

She said: "The word fast fashion is seen to be a very dirty term. However, not everyone can afford to go and spend £100 on a top. Or they don't have the time to go and sift through the bargain bucket at the charity shop, like lots of fashionistas who do have the time do. So I do think that as ghastly as fast fashion can be for our environment, I'm a strong believer that there is a place for it with certain people. I think we can be quite snobby about the way that people dress but not everyone has that luxury."

Meanwhile, the 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here' winner - who is also known by her nickname of Toff - revealed that when it comes to her own fashion, she hopes to be following the same sort of style for the next ten years at least but that dressing elegantly is always "important."

She told HELLO!: "I've always said that I hope to be wearing similar clothes in ten years, 20 years… maybe after 20 years I'd have a bit of a rethink. But I think that dressing classically and elegantly is important. For party dressing, I think you've got to know your own shape. Look in the mirror and see what makes you happy. Buy a few key pieces that suit you well. And then the trend-driven things, buy cheap and donate them or sell them afterwards. That's what I do."

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