Georgia Gibbs Looks Glamorous in Ab-Baring Crop and Leather Jacket

Georgia Gibbs.<p>Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images</p>
Georgia Gibbs.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Australian model Georgia Gibbs does it all. Not only is she a former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, whose recent modeling gigs have included Sea Folly Australia campaigns, but she’s a trained traditional Chinese herbalist who focuses on holistic health.

Though diverse, both are her passions, and she wants her followers to understand that pursuing all of your interests—even if seemingly contrasting—is a worthwhile endeavor. Gibbs stepped out recently for a modeling event in an outfit that spoke to her incredible sense of style. She wore a pair of wide-leg gray slacks and a matching gray shearling leather jacket with unique front cut-outs. She paired it with a simple ab-baring crop top.

When she took to Instagram to share photos from the event, Gibbs took the chance to address her diverse passions, including how and why she pursues both.

“Just a reminder to anyone that feels like they’re ‘in between worlds’ maybe they’re working their main job and side hustling another, maybe those worlds don’t collide or even make any sense to anyone else… Good news, they don’t have to, all that needs to make sense is that they make sense to you, they fuel you and are in your life for now for a purpose,” she wrote. “You can simultaneously crush two things, if you manage your energy, your learning and optimize your work and rest. This isn’t hustle culture this is time and energy discipline.”

Gibbs is certainly following her heart, and she encouraged her followers to do the same.

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