George W. Bush Fighting A Rain Poncho Was The Hightlight Of Inauguration Day

Diana Bruk

From Esquire UK

Donald Trump's inauguration may not have had as great of a turnout as he might have hoped, but three key figures did show up: former President George Bush, former President George Bush's clear plastic rain poncho, and the rain that would render the poncho necessary. These are the heroes of our story.

First he tried putting it over his head which, sure, it's a start.

But this does not go well.

Nope, this is dangerous.

Still dangerous, will Secret Service please intervene y'all?!?!?!?????

Safe and sound, sure, but also a little damp.

Still though, "That was pretty funny," you could hear him thinking to himself.

All the meanwhile, Obama is just sitting there either thinking about Palm Springs with Michelle. And, of course, the Internet had a field day.

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