George Takei vows to never talk about 'cantankerous' William Shatner again

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George Takei has vowed to never speak publicly about his "cantankerous" former co-star William Shatner ever again.

The former Star Trek co-stars have been at loggerheads for years and don't hold back in making digs about each other publicly.

However, when asked about their long-running feud on The Graham Norton Show, George told the host the subject was "so tiresome" and he didn't want to indulge it ever again.

"You are the last chat show host to be allowed to ask that question as it has become so tiresome to talk about," he said. "When Bill has a book to sell he needs publicity and accuses us of using him. My subject is more substantial and important. He is a cantankerous old man and I will not talk about him anymore. I vow that this is the very last time I talk about him."

The 85-year-old played Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the USS Enterprise in the '60s TV series and subsequent films, while William portrayed Captain James T. Kirk.

During the interview, George revealed that he didn't think the series would last beyond one season.

"After the pilot episode, I was asked what I thought and I said that I didn't think it would sell or be a lasting show because I smelt quality - I loved the scripts, everyone was great, it was a great idea - and every time I saw a show I really love it only lasted one season. How wrong I was!" he joked.

The Graham Norton Show airs in the U.K. on Friday night.