George Santos: I’ll Just Run Again if Congress Kicks Me Out

REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz
REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) vowed that, even if his colleagues band together to boot him from the House of Representatives after his numerous federal fraud charges, he’ll simply run again, the embattled Republican told CNN in an upcoming interview. Santos narrowly survived an expulsion vote spearheaded by fellow New York Republicans on Wednesday, with 24 Republicans voting with 155 Democrats for his ouster. Santos retained his seat, for now, but the matter is likely to resurface once a House Ethics Committee investigation wraps up in the coming weeks. If he is ultimately removed, Santos expects voters will overlook the revelations that he manufactured much of his resume and that he now faces substantial legal woes. “Could I have won the general election last time? Nobody said I could. But I survived,” he told CNN. ​​“To say that they voted based on anybody’s biography, I can beg you this. Nobody knew my biography.”

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