George Clooney and Julia Roberts reunite in Ticket To Paradise trailer

George Clooney and Julia Roberts are reunited as a bickering divorced couple in the trailer for their new romcom Ticket To Paradise.

The Oscar-winning actors – who appeared together in the Oceans heist movies – play a separated couple who jet to Bali to stop their lovestruck daughter from making the same mistake they think they did by getting married too soon.

A new trailer for the Universal film teases their humorously strained relationship as they insult and fight with one another while trying to sabotage the wedding.

The clip opens with Roberts complaining to an air hostess as they discover they have been sat together on the plane.

Clooney, 61, tells the hostess that it was the “worst 19 years of my life” with Roberts, 54, pointing out they were only married for five, to which he replies: “I’m counting the recovery.”

They explain to the poor passenger stuck between them that their daughter, played by Kaitlyn Dever, is about to marry a man, portrayed by Maxime Bouttier, she just met in Bali.

Clooney says “she’s throwing her career away” with Roberts adding “just like her mother did so I’m the only one that can stop her, she doesn’t listen to him”.

The pair concoct a plan to ruin the wedding by stealing the ring but they begin to have doubts if they should trust their daughter’s judgment.

As they spend more time together on the Indonesia island, it appears they may be warming to one another again as they go out drinking with the bridal party and end up playing beer pong and dancing wildly.

British filmmaker Ol Parker, known for his work on 2018 musical sequel Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, is on directing duties for the film.

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Julia Roberts stars in Ticket To Paradise (Ian West/PA)

The movie was filmed on location in Queensland, Australia, and is due out in cinemas on September 16.

Ticket To Paradise will mark both Clooney and Roberts’ long-awaited returns to the romantic comedy genre.

Alongside the Oceans heist movies, they also starred together in 2016 crime thriller Money Monster, which was directed by Jodie Foster.

Roberts, who has appeared in a string of classic films including Notting Hill, Pretty Woman and My Best Friend’s Wedding, recently said it is not through choice that she has failed to appear in a traditional romantic comedy for more than 20 years.

The Oscar-winning actress said she needed to find a script that was the same level of “madcap fun” as the romcoms in which she starred in the 1990s.

She told the New York Times magazine that when she was approached for Ticket To Paradise she thought it would only work if Clooney was involved and that he felt the same about her involvement.

Ticket To Paradise is due out in cinemas on September 16 2022.