George Clarke reveals the biggest DIY mistake to avoid

Lisa Walden
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Photo credit: Belvita
Photo credit: Belvita

Design fails and DIY mishaps are something many of us face, but what's the biggest home improvement mistake to avoid?

"What upsets me is when people spend decent money on a project which isn't designed properly from the beginning. That's one of the biggest mistakes I've seen people make over the years," architect and Amazing Spaces presenter George Clarke tells House Beautiful UK. "There's nothing more expensive than messing up building and DIY projects."

Before you tackle a remodel, it's important to prepare and plan — especially if you want your project to succeed from the get-go. "The most annoying thing in my career is seeing people not spend time sketching to get it right," adds George. "The more decisions you make up front, the more chance you have of your project being a success."

Remote working has made many of us crave bright, fresh spaces. It's amazing to think that, up until last year, our homes were simply places to escape the woes of a long day. Over the past 12 months, however, they have become so much more.

Photo credit: Dulux
Photo credit: Dulux

'It's so important to have an escape at home,' says George, explaining the importance of creating your own retreat. "Now that we're at home more, it's so important to create different zones in your house. I've seen people do it in very simple ways — it might be a very simple change in paint colour or putting up some fabrics."

From the genius disappearing bathroom in Wales to the futuristic rotating home, Amazing Spaces has seen some extraordinary small builds over the years. But, with the 10th series in the works, what is George's most memorable project to date?

"The most memorable project is my 1970s caravan from series one," George tells HB, explaining that it's his family's pride and joy.

It might have cost just £300, but the caravan has been a 'recharge retreat' that's lasted George and his family almost 10 years. "Even though it's not in my house, I couldn't imagine a better recharge retreat for me personally. There's no technology in there, it's simple, affordable and beautifully designed. My kids love that caravan more than any other hotel I've taken them to. It goes backs to basics. It's been life-changing for us."

George Clarke has teamed up with belVita to help us Reclaim Our Space. For more information, visit here.

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