George, Charlotte and Louis hate having their picture taken according to Kate Middleton

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There aren't that a tonne of royal stories that make us want to say 'OMG SAME' but the news that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis want their mum, Kate Middleton, to stop taking pictures of them is one.

Kate is well known for being a keen amateur photographer and taking many lovely snaps of her family that are sometimes shared with the world on special occasions like birthdays.

Her passion for taking photographs is the reason she's spearheaded the Hold Still project, all about capturing images of people around the UK during the pandemic.

Recently, Kate's been having phone calls with participants of the project, and it one chat posted on YouTube, she shared the news that her kids aren't super keen on having the camera lens pointed at them.

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Speaking to Ceri Edwards, who submitted a photograph for the Hold Still exhibition showing her daughter Poppy hugging her father Mark before his shift as a paramedic, Kate asked: "Are you a photographer?"

Ceri replied: "No, well Mark would say otherwise, just because I do take a lot of pictures of the family."

Kate clearly related to Ceri's comment as two women shared a laugh and the Duchess added: "It's like me. Everyone's like: 'Mummy, please stop taking photographs!'"

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Let's face it, mums are notorious photo takers, so this story fully checks out. Many of us will have childhood memories of wanting to chase around outside or eat our birthday cake in peace while mums or other family members told us we had to pose for pictures instead.

See, George, Charlotte and Louis are just like us. Except their mum is taking their reluctant pictures while they're frolicking around in Kensington Palace while we were getting cajoled into pictures at Alton Towers.

Anyway... Let's get back to Kate and Will's new joint YouTube channel, which features her Hold Still chats. The new extension of the royal couple's social media presence launched four weeks ago and is certainly impressing fans.

“Amazing project Kate!” said one, another commented, “Great project!! Congratulations!!” “Wonderful work as always!” a third fan added.

The Duchess of Cambridge partnered with the National Portrait Gallery for the project, Hold Still: A Portrait Of Our Nation in 2020. The book offers a unique insight into life in the UK during lockdown and was released on May 7.

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