How to gently emerge from lockdown

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As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the vast majority of us have spent time in lockdown at home within the past 18 months.

But while most of the world is beginning to open up again and life is ramping up, wellness entrepreneur and owner of Welcome to MADE, Penny Weston, wants to remind people that the process of getting back to "normal" must be done slowly in order to avoid burnout.

Resist temptation

Firstly, Penny advises resisting the urge to dive straight back into work and socialising.

"Everyone has been through such a dramatic time and many changes so you must ease your way back into it. Think of your diary and time for yourself as sacred and don't overfill it. Be gentle with yourself and transition back into normal life gradually, step by step," she said. "As tempting as it is to run straight back into normal life, if we return all guns blazing we run the risk of getting burnt out which will have a severe impact on both our mental and physical health. It could do more harm than good returning at a million miles an hour."

Enjoy resilience meditation

There is no time like the present to consider ways you can build resilience.

"Focusing on character building as well as activities like yoga and meditation is a good start. These can help you learn to adapt to change and be strong for all this is coming over the next few months," the expert continued.

Get writing

Don't forget everything that you've learned about yourself and your life during lockdown.

"There is a risk that once everyone is back (to normal) that this can all be forgotten about," noted Penny. "Write down things that you've learned and things that you want to hold on to and use this as a gentle reminder of what's important and the lessons that this time has taught you. Whenever things seem to be getting too busy or you begin to feel like you're taking things for granted, read your list to bring back those thoughts."

Practise self-care

Lockdown has meant that many people have had more time for pampering and undertaking a self-care routine.

"Make sure that this is not lost when we're returning to work. Schedule a night a week where you go to bed half an hour earlier, listen to meditation, do some restorative stretching, or indulge in a lovely skincare routine. When normality resumes and our work and social schedules become busier, try and hold on to looking after yourself. Make a promise to yourself once a week and write it in your diary. We are less likely to miss appointments that are written down," she added.

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