This Genius Way Of Cooking Sprouts In An Air Fryer Makes Them All Crispy And Delicious

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What’s the best thing about Christmas dinner? The turkey? The crispy roast potatoes? The stuffing’s pretty rad, isn’t it? But no… the best thing about Christmas lunch is, without question, the Brussels sprouts.

But sprouts can be a tricky mistress. Like, it’s very easy to overcook them; leaving them sad, soggy and flavourless.

But we’ve come across of way of cooking them, which promises they’ll be crispy and all kinds of delicious.

We spotted the cooking hack on @lowcarbstateofmind’s TikTok, and boy are we glad we did, as we’ll definitely be cooking ours like this on Christmas Day.

Jackie – who runs the account – starts by cutting the bottom of the sprouts off and removing any tough outer leaves. She then microwaves them with a little water just to soften them a little. Now it’s time for the fun bit – Jackie then smashes the spouts with the base of a bowl. They look like tasty little sprout burgers, right? Then they get sprayed with a little oil and seasoned with garlic salt. And into the air fryer they go until they’re crispy.

How good do these look? Just imagine them smothered in gravy!

Or if you fancy something a little different Marks And Spencer is currently selling prepared sprouts with a Marmite butter. Erm, YUM!

Happy Sproutsmas to one and all!

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