This GENIUS Tip Stops Your Guac Going Brown

how to stop guacamole going brown
How To Stop Your Guacamole Going Brown@natepetroski

Guac is the staple of all good chip 'n' dip occasions, don't fight us.

It's creamy, limey and the perfect partner for tortilla chips, wacky-flavoured Doritos and plain old ready salted crisps alike.

It's the perfect companion to loaded nachos, chilli and even in a wrap or sarnie that needs a bit of pizazz.

Guac's only downfall is its unfortunate tendency to go brown and nasty in double-quick time, even when you keep it covered in the fridge.

If you encounter the very same problem as us, then fear no more because TikTok has come through with a genius hack that'll give you fresh guac every single time you go in for another dip straight from the fridge.

TikTok creator @natepetroski recently posted the method he uses to preserve his guac on the platform, and it's safe to say we'll 100% be giving it a go.

Nate levels out his leftover guac in a bowl and then, wait for it, pours WATER over it. He then covers it with clingfilm and it remains perfectly green and lovely the next time he goes to get it out of the fridge.

But "how does this hack even work??" we hear you asking. Avo-based dishes go brown after a while because the avocado reacts with the oxygen in the air, causing the surface of the dish to go brown, a bit like it does with an apple. By putting water over the top, Nate is creating a barrier that stops this oxidisation. Genuis, eh? Nate then pours off the water before going in for another spoonful of guac.

Some people in the comments said that they also used this method to keep their guacamole fresh, whereas others suggested using lime juice instead of water so you get an extra limey hit on your second helpings.