The Genius Hack That Turns A Mason Jar Into A Salt Pourer

mason jar on marble counter
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Do you love a good kitchen hack? Well, if you're looking to upgrade your condiment containers, we have just the one for you. This genius hack turns a mason jar into a salt pourer. Not only is it functional, but it also provides a prettier presentation -- and all you need is a mason jar, Morton's salt, and scissors.

Another benefit to this hack is that glass mason jars hold up much better than Morton's or similar brands' original packaging. Plus, if your salt container was damaged, there's no sense in throwing out the salt. Salt is one of those foods that last forever, so if yours needs a new home, a mason jar is the perfect solution. What's even better is that this DIY project takes roughly the same amount of time as reading this article. So gather those materials and let's get started!

To start, empty your salt container; you can set it aside for later or place the salt directly into the mason jar. Next, cut off the top of the empty salt container using scissors or a sharp knife. You want your cutout to be the same size as the mason jar, so use the jar's metal lid as a guide (don't forget to include the pouring spout!). Now, insert your new lid with a pouring spout into your mason jar, seal tightly, and voila! You have a fancy new salt dispenser. But the fun doesn't end there.

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Other Ways To Make A Mason Jar Pour Spout

mason jar with drilled holes
mason jar with drilled holes - Reddit / organarium

If you loved the idea above, but don't have Morton's salt, no worries. There are other ways to make a mason jar pour spout. The best part is the materials are probably already lying around your kitchen.

Our first method requires an empty milk carton (or a similar cardboard vessel with a drinking spout) and a mason jar with a banded lid. Similar to the instructions above, cut the top of the cardboard carton using the mason jar lid as a guide. Again, make sure the pouring spout is where you'd like it to be. Replace the new lid on the jar and don't forget to keep the twist-off cap as a seal.

This next method was inspired by a Reddit post and is a bit more rough and tumble than the previous options. This salt pourer doesn't come with a sealable lid, but it gets the job done. All you need is a mason jar and a drill. Drill three holes in your lid, one on one side and two right next to each other on the opposite side. Why the three holes you may ask? Well, when you want a heavy pour, you can use the side with two holes. But as the clever creator shares, you can also "pour from the single spout side to halve the flow!"

How To Make A Mason Jar Salt Shaker

mason jar salt and pepper
mason jar salt and pepper - Fcafotodigital/Getty Images

There are many ways to use mason jars in the kitchen -- a salt pourer is just one of them. But if you want to sprinkle your salt rather than pour it, we've got you covered. Because as it turns out, mason jars can easily be converted to salt shakers too.

For this one, you'll need a mason jar, tape, a marker, a nail, and a hammer. Some mason jar lids come as one solid unit, while others have a banded lid. If yours is the banded variety, you'll need to elevate the flat metal disc so you don't poke holes into your workstation.

Once your lid is ready to go, cover the top with a thin layer of tape. Using your pen, mark where you'd like the holes to go. You can do it at random or create a pattern, like an "S" for salt. Now, gently hammer into the points, keeping enough space between each hole. Remove the tape and place the lid on your mason jar. Your DIY dispenser is ready to go, so shake it like a salt shaker at your next meal and enjoy.

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