This genius car safety hack may save your child's life

This simple car safety tip could be life-saving.<em> (Photo: Getty)</em>
This simple car safety tip could be life-saving. (Photo: Getty)

The internet is an infinite resource when it comes to finding parenting advice, hacks and how-to’s. While sometimes unsolicited advice can pop up, often parents find they have a wealth of knowledge at their finger tips. Car seats are a common conversation in online parenting forums, but one Twitter user discovered a simple hack that has since been adopted by parents worldwide.

Alexis Copas shared a safety hack for parents who may find themselves injured in a car accident, unable to help their children. Originally, she saw the idea on Facebook but quickly took the idea to Twitter to share this simple, but effective way of ensuring emergency personnel are aware of your children’s needs in an emergency.

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The hack is simple: write out emergency contacts, medication and any other crucial information on a note then tape it to the child’s car seat. This will ensure if parents are unconscious, responders have all the information they require upon seeing the children.

“Way too often do firefighters come upon a car wreck with child(ren) in the car who are to young to have any info and parents are unconscious,” read the Facebook post. “It takes two minutes to write out child’s name, DOB, parents names, emergency contacts and any medical conditions… this helps EMS a ton and can also help save your child’s life.”

The mom of one told Scary Mommy the post struck a chord with her because she couldn’t imagine being in a situation where she couldn’t help her 10-month-old.

“If just a piece of paper with a little information on it could possibly save his life some day, it was worth the couple minutes to write out,” she said.

The Twitter post has received more than 9,600 likes and 5,800 retweets. Most responses to the thread have been from parents and emergency responders commending Copas for sharing the hack.

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According to the Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS), motor vehicle collisions are one of the leading causes of death for children. With this statistic, this simple tip could be life-saving.

“As soon as I read this, I made one to stick on my child’s car seat.”

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