This Genius Came Up With A Hack To Get Mayonnaise At McDonald’s

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Getty/@DrBeauBeaumont

From Delish

One of life’s great mysteries is, why the hell doesn’t McDonald’s have mayonnaise as a choice for dipping your fries and McNuggets? You can dunk them into sweet ‘n’ sour, barbecue, sweet curry and tomato sauce to your heart’s content. But little pots of creamy mayonnaise loveliness are forbidden.

But thanks to this genius, who deserves a medal made of mayonnaise (ew) if you ask us, we now know a simple way of getting mayonnaise to dip your fries in.

After McDonald’s asked fans what their favourite dipping sauce was on Twitter, and the fast food restaurant was met with a barrage of fury at the lack of mayo, @DrBeauBeaumont shared his hack for getting his beloved sauce.

He shared a conversation he’d had with an employee, alongside a photo of a burger box with a glorious pile of mayo in it.

The conversation went a little like this:

McDonald’s assistant: Can I get you any sauces?

Me: Sure, can I get some mayonnaise please?

Assistant: I’m really sorry, we don’t do mayonnaise.

Me: Oh... Can I please have some of that sauce that you put on the Mayo Chicken Sandwich?

God bless you, @McDonaldsUK

We get the feeling McDonald’s workers are going to be inundated with requests for Mayo Chicken Sandwich sauce from now on.

McDonald’s Australia recently came up with its own hack, but we’re not convinced it’s as good as this bad boy.

On its Instagram page, a diagram showing fast food fans how to balance a burger box on a drinks container, leaving room for fries was posted.

Only problem is, a lot of the comments on the post pointed out a couple of flaws in the hack.

Firstly, there’s a good chance that when you pick up your burger the weight shift will mean all your fries will end up in a sad pile on the floor. Bummer.

Maybe dipping your floor food in Mayo Chicken Sandwich sauce will make it taste okay though. Just brush the hairs off first…

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