Genie Bouchard’s Figure-Hugging Leather Mini Comes in the Most Unique, Flattering Shade

Genie Bouchard.<p>Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images</p>
Genie Bouchard.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Leather dresses are in. They have been for a while now, really, but when we think leather dress, we tend to picture a nice tan or chocolate brown—a moody tone fitting for the seasons in which you normally weather a leather number.

But, if you’re Canadian tennis player Genie Bouchard, what’s typical or expected doesn’t necessarily apply. The athlete, who is currently vacationing in the British Virgin Islands following the Billie Jean King Cup finals in Spain, stepped out in a fabulous fitted leather mini in the most inspired shade: a light, cool gray tone (think silver without the metallic sheen).

“these are the days we live for,” she captioned a series of photos that she shared from her getaway in Necker Island, British Virgin Islands. In the four snaps, she showed off all angles of the flattering mini, which she paired with sparkly sandals (perfect for the beachside photoshoot) and a warm gray leather handbag. With a gold chain necklace, bracelets and dainty hoop earrings, the 29-year-old rounded out the look with class.

“Glowing! ✨,” one follower gushed in the comments—and we couldn’t agree more.

Bouchard is enjoying a well-deserved break after a hard-fought tennis season and helping to lead Canada to its first Billie Jean King Cup trophy only last week. The player is expected to return to the court next year, but with a new sport on her résumé as well: pickleball. We look forward to cheering her on in her return to the court, but in the meantime, we’ll keep appreciating her fashion sense.

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