How Gen V Star Lizze Broadway Came Hilariously Close To Damaging That Giant Penis Prop The First Time She Saw It

 Emma in dress out at party in Gen V.
Emma in dress out at party in Gen V.

When it comes to the phrase “Go big or go home,” I have to think that The Boys and its currently streaming spinoff Gen V don’t have homes to go to, because they just keep going bigger and bigger. That’s speaking both generally regarding plots and powers, but then also specifically concerning larger-than-life penis props. (As it usually goes.) Gen V didn’t even wait all that long before delivering the fullest of frontal nudity involving the size-shifting supe Emma, and the show’s head of prosthetics Colin Penman told CinemaBlend the hilarious close call that went down the first time star Lizze Broadway saw the faux dong, and how that experience ended up helping the final scene.

No matter how many episodes Gen V goes on for, the premiere episode’s raunchiest interaction will no doubt remain a highlight of fan discussion, and it was a big honking honor to talk to Colin Penman about going whole-hog on bringing that prop to life. (Definitely not the kind of workplace project Penman was tasked with early on in his highlight-filled career.) As it turns out, the team’s hard work was at risk of facing some amusing damage thanks to Broadway’s impulsive reaction upon seeing the behemoth. Here’s how the Gen V craftsman put it:

It was kind of like, how is she going to [approach it]? How are they going to interact? We weren't really sure. There wasn't choreography involved at that point. And the first time Lizzie saw it, she came in, and we had a sort of unpainted silicone thing in our shop. She walked in, and she just jumped on it without any word of warning. And we all kind of, like — [groans worriedly] — and it kind of wobbled, but it didn't fall down. It didn't tear or break, and she could slide down, and that ended up being part of her bit in the episode. [Laughs.] And that was that was all Lizzie. But it went really, really well.

Broadway can hardly be blamed for seeing the early form of the chubby monstrosity and instinctively wanting to give it a mid-air hug. But it's still wild that she went for it without questioning whether or not the model was crafted to stand up to any kind of physical force at that still-unfinished point. I have to assume she knew there was some kind of inner foundation holding it all together. But it no doubt would have been a hoot if the initial design for the penis prop was just a bunch of pillows stuffed inside a big cardboard tube.

Considering none of the blocking or movements from the scene in question had been talked out just yet, I understand why there weren't any "no leaping on the unfinished dick" warning signs posted around the office. When I joked about it being a near-disaster, Penman replied with:

Oh my gosh, I know. We were kind of expecting that she was just gonna be, you know, dancing around it and doing that. But she just jumped right on there. Hilarious.

I'm not sure if that specifically is what makes Lizze Broadway such a dynamite actress, but she is, so such instincts clearly aren't doing any damage. In fact, at this stage of Gen V's run, I feel myself siding with Emma more than any other character, regardless of what size she is or what she's hanging off of. She's a trooper who almost always has others' safety, feelings, and goals in mind.

Early critical buzz for Gen V did indeed focus in part on the wild penis-infused moments that took place in the first chunk of the season  — more from Penman on exploding genitals and crafting the mega-manhood are coming soon — and not without reason. In context or out of it, those scenes are like no others in TV history. And let’s not forget that The Boys’ gigantic glans-and-urethra combo in its Season 3 premiere ended up being nominated for a VFX award, so no one should be too surprised if Gen V scores a similar nod. But even if it happened, I don’t think Penman would get a big head about it. [Dodges tomatoes.]

New episodes of Gen V Season 1 can be streamed every Friday with an Amazon Prime subscription, and there’s no need to worry about being hung out to dry by the impending finale, as Season 2 has already been confirmed.