Gemma Collins reveals she’s given up ‘nonsense’ diets as she urges her fans to accept their bodies

Katie Rosseinsky

Gemma Collins has announced that she has given up on “diet and weight loss nonsense,” and has urged her social media followers to take a more body positive approach to their self-image.

The reality star, who recently confirmed that she has lost two stone in weight while training for ITV’s Dancing On Ice, shared a short video clip on her Instagram account, which showed her shimmying for the camera while wearing a black swimsuit.

The 38-year-old went on to encourage her fans to “find peace” in their bodies by eating “real food” and being “active,” rather than following restrictive diet plans.

“Stop wishing for other people’s bodies,” she wrote in the caption. “Find peace in your own. Just eat food.

“Eat real food, be active and live your LIFE,” she continued, before advising her 1.3 million followers to “forget all the diet and weight loss NONSENSE.

“It’s really just that… NONSENSE,” she added. “Spreading LOVE and POSITIVITY.”

Collins was praised by fans for sharing her body positive message, with some describing her approach as “inspirational.”

“Well said such good advice,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Couldn’t agree more with this statement!!” another added. “As long as you’re healthy size is irrelevant!!”

“You look fab and I agree with your message,” a third commented.

After being eliminated from Dancing On Ice earlier this month, Collins said that she would continue to work on her fitness as she feels “so much better” following her stint on the show.

“I will 100 percent keep up with the fitness and I’m saying this on national TV because I feel so much better, like I could just move a lot more, I can do my shoes up,” she told Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning.

“I might take to the rink but for an enjoyment purpose, skate round for an hour, you know, because it is good exercise, but I really do want to continue with my fitness.”

The GC also admitted that she was left feeling "embarrassed" after Jason Gardiner made comments about her weight on the show, telling Willoughby and Schofield that although she "regrets" feuding with the judge, she felt that she had to "stand [her] ground against body shaming."