Gemma Collins feels ‘totally cured’ after ‘unreal’ transformation

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Gemma Collins feels ‘totally cured’ after ‘unreal’ transformation

Gemma Collins has said she feels “totally cured” thanks to a hair transformation after she was placed on antibiotics for a chest infection.

The former The Only Way is Essex star, 41, has taken to Instagram to flaunt her new locks having spent hours at the salon undergoing her glamorous hair transformation.

She panned the camera up and down the length of the flowing, loosely curled extentsions which had been added to her short hair, before insisting that her hairdresser make the billowing tresses even “bigger”.

Her hair stylist, Nick Tucker, had also put a darker colour on the roots to create a softer transition to the platinum blonde extentions, prompting Collins to announce she felt like a “different woman.”

Speaking to her followers, the reality star told fans: “Nick Tucker strikes again. I mean, I told you I’d walk out of here a different woman despite having a chest infection and being on antibiotics and steroids.

“I feel totally cured after getting in here. Look at that hair, unreal.”

In a second clip, Tucker could be seen using hairspray in response to Collins’ repeated demand to “make it bigger”.

She said: “Good hair transforms your life and Nicholas Tucker strikes again. Make it bigger hun. I love big hair and I don’t care what anyone says, that’s because I’m the GC baby.

“This is therapeutic for my soul, big hair.”

Her new look delighted fans, with one person writing in thr comments: “Bigger the better bebe!!!”

Another added: “ICON. GC you are the queen of the blow dry xxx.”

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