Gemma Collins cut her hair off and shared a cryptic quote about changing her life

The queen of memes Gemma Collins took a break from the constant lols on her Instagram to share a look at her new haircut, which, if her caption is anything to go by, might represent something a lot more meaningful than just being bored with her extensions.

When we think of the GC we think of a blonde bombshell. A woman who prioritises blow dries over hot water, someone who knows heater rollers > straighteners and an icon who isn't afraid to tell her hairdresser when they're not happy.

We don't know how long for (Gemma's as unpredictable as a Britney Instagram caption), but the long, voluminous locks are out and in it's place is a chic shoulder-grazing bob and new horizons, apparently.

We say that because for her caption, Gemma shared a quote by Coco Chanel (at least that's what Google says), writing: "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”.

Not only has she chopped it all off, but the GC has also added a feathery eye-skimming fringe that accents her beautiful blues perfectly.

Does this length and cut give anyone else Cameron Diaz in The Holiday vibes? All she needs is Jude Law, a Mini Cooper and a totally unrealistic plot line.

Either way, we just hope Gemma's new life still involves entertaining us on the daily because a life without her one-liners isn't one that we want to know.

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