Gemma Arterton shares the joy of becoming mum

Gemma Arterton is 'totally smitten' after giving birth to son in December 2022.

Credit: This Morning / ITV / ITVX

Video transcript

- At the same time as this magnificent production, you also have another magnificent production--


- --who is seven-weeks-old?

GEMMA ARTERTON: Seven weeks, yeah.

- Congratulations.

GEMMA ARTERTON: Thank you so much.

- Are you just totally and utterly in love?

GEMMA ARTERTON: Totally smitten. And love, love, love being a mummy. I just love it.

- It is the best.

GEMMA ARTERTON: Yeah, it's great. And, obviously, a bit more sleep would be nice. But that's very normal, isn't it?

- It'll come. It'll come.

GEMMA ARTERTON: But yeah, very, very happy. Thank you.

- Ah, well done, you.

- Lovely to see you

- Well done.

GEMMA ARTERTON: Thank you so much.

- Thank you. So--