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Wednesday 08, April

The stars are asking you to put your focus on creativity in the early part of the day and then more project-oriented tasks during the latter half. If there is pleasure to be had, indulge before the workload kicks in later on. You need to keep the balance and not get lost in only work and more work.

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Tuesday 07, April

The Moon is nearly full in your romance zone but first, you're feeling on edge. The Mars-Uranus square is pushing up all your triggers from a deep subconscious place. You might do or say things that even surprise you. Avoid saying something that you'll regret. Make sure there is a delete option, Cancer.

Monday 06, April

Your mind is working overtime today, Gemini. You can channel this into some of your best creativity. Just be sure not to spin out with any fantasies that could take your mind into scary places. Find your inner peace and balance as the Moon moves into your sister air sign of Libra later in the day.

Sunday 05, April

The Moon is in Virgo today, lighting up your house of home and family. It's a perfect lazy Sunday vibe, Gemini. Your domestic scene is where the most activity, meaning, and connection can be found at the moment, so indulge in what brings you comfort and joy.

Saturday 04, April

Jupiter and Pluto, two of the heavyweight planets, are joining forces for a rare conjunction in your house of house of transformation and intimacy. This can push you to places you've never dared to go, Gemini. Allowing for a bit of emotional vulnerability is the only way through it.

Friday 03, April

The planet in charge of love, beauty and money dives into your very own super smart stars today, Gemini. Not only is this one of the best transits of the year, but it's also extra-long - a rare gift from the cosmos. She usually only stays in each sign for three weeks, but Venus will be with you through June.

Thursday 02, April

Tune into the way that you communicate your feelings and ideas, as your house of talking and thinking is lit up for the next few days. After the Moon moves into Leo later this afternoon, you'll be even more of a genius than usual, and that's really saying something, Gemini.

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