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Monday 24, February

There's such a fabulous and dreamy influence in the air today, Gemini. The Moon will merge with the planet of dreams and soulfulness in your career zone. No wonder you are simply flooded with ideas about how to take your professional goals to the highest and most beautiful level imaginable.

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Sunday 23, February

Your career is magic, Gemini. Even though Mercury is retrograde, today's New Moon is perfect for setting intentions for your next six months of professional prowess. You're about to be a major powerhouse, but cross those T's and dot those I's during the next few weeks. You can think about what you want to create, but avoid launching right away.

Saturday 22, February

The dark-of-the-moon is here this weekend, preceding tomorrow night's mystical New Moon in Pisces. The vibe is intense, especially for your career - which you might be entirely rethinking at the moment. Carefully consider everything you're planning to launch and get to the heart of what you want to create.

Friday 21, February

Mars and Uranus join forces early today, bringing a sudden burst of unexpected energy. You may feel this at work or during your commute. It's a creative force, Gemini, and it could come from deep within your psyche. Your imagination is totally electrified at the moment.

Thursday 20, February

The Moon moves into your sister sign later this evening, but earlier in the day the vibe is both serious and optimistic. Jupiter, bringer of luck and expansion, is in a sextile formation with Neptune, the planet of illusion. This creates powerful optimism that you can use to drive your next project.

Wednesday 19, February

With the Moon in Capricorn, you're focused on the deepest depths of transformation and emotional intimacy. If communication with your lover has been a mess in the early days of the current retrograde, you can use this influence to tune back into your own vulnerability and desire - and well you should.

Tuesday 18, February

The Sun dives into your career zone very late tonight, immersing you in four weeks of powerful professional creativity. Yet your ruler Mercury is also retrograde here (at least until the 4th) so for the next few weeks, it might be a bit messy even as you make some halting progress.

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