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Monday 23, September

One of the most romantic seasons of the year is kicking into full strength, Gemini. Today the Sun joins your ruling planet (Mercury) and the planet of love (Venus) in your house of pleasure for the next few weeks. You're at your creative best and others cannot get enough of you, darling.

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Sunday 22, September

The Moon is in your money zone today, but with your ruler Mercury in a square to serious Saturn, you might feel a lot more financially conservative than usual. Reel in your spending tendencies in service of getting your budget in order before the workweek begins - that's the right plan, Gemini.

Saturday 21, September

The Moon is in your sign again today, Gemini bb, and that's why you're flying high this Saturday. Not only that, but the lunar energy mingles with your ruler Mercury and beautiful Venus. In other words, life is super sweet at the moment, and you're totally in command.

Friday 20, September

With the Moon in your sign again today, you're the queen of the cosmos just as the weekend begins. This peak energy phase is no mere monthly phase - it's extra special because of important aspects happening alongside it. Your power and potential are almost over the top at this point.

Thursday 19, September

The Moon is in your brilliant, mercurial stars today, darling Gemini. This puts you directly in the spotlight and gives you everyone's rapt attention for the next few days. You're all about saying what you mean and making sure that your words have substance and meaning - but also plenty of sparkle.

Wednesday 18, September

With the planet of boundaries moving direct today, it's time to get serious about the changes you've long known you need to make, Gemini. Saturn has been retrograde for five months, so you've been able to skirt by without facing the transformation your soul requires. The next few months should be dedicated to going as deep as you can go.

Tuesday 17, September

The Moon is in your dream zone for the next few days, Gemini, so this is your official excuse to take a much-needed nap if you can work it into your day. You might find yourself totally in your feelings too, because your psyche is extra expansive and the veil between your ego and your id is thin.

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