GBBO's Laura posts emotional statement in response to harsh trolling

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Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

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Great British Bake Off finalist Laura Adlington has made an emotional plea on Twitter for people to be kind, after receiving an intense wave of trolling following Hermine's eviction from the show.

In last night's semi-final, the four remaining Bake Off contestants went head-to-head in Patisserie week. While Peter and Dave floated to the top of the group with a series of successful bakes, Hermine and Laura experienced a some unfortunate hiccups, leaving them both vulnerable to getting the boot. Ultimately, judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith decided it was Hermine who should go, and the backlash Laura received on social media as a result was harsh.

Today, the 31-year-old took to Twitter to express the emotional toll she's suffered as a result of all the unkind messages. "It's ok to be sad your favourite person didn't go through, but please remember it's not my fault. I don't make the decisions," she wrote, taking a measured approach. "GBBO is all about kindness and I haven't seen much of that on here," she continued.

The message of kindness is one that has taken on a new meaning this year, especially after the death of Caroline Flack following her pleas for people to 'be kind' on the internet.

In a second tweet, Bake Off's Laura alluded to being affected by people's cruel words. "It's easy to sit there on your sofa and judge. But I am a real person with feelings," she tweeted. "Please take a moment to consider your words before you judge someone you've never met and whose food you've never tasted."

It's not the first time this series that the trolling of Bake Off contestants has been a point of discussion. A few weeks ago, it was reported that Laura's fellow finalist Dave Friday had deleted his Twitter account as a result of cruel comments.

Former GBBO 2018 contestant Dan Beasley-Harling tweeted at the time: "Apparently Dave has deleted his Twitter account. Imagine being blessed with a new baby, and trying to embrace and remember every moment of that special time in your life. And then a bunch of arseholes online are being horrible to you for literally no reason whatsoever."

This morning, Dave himself has taken to Instagram (where his profile is still in tact) to air his thoughts on the subject of trolling. "It's such a shame to see how nasty people can be online," he wrote in a post on his grid. "Everyone needs to remember that it's only a baking show. The show is based on how well you did on the day and not a reflection of previous weeks. A passing comment to you could have a lasting effect on a person's mental health. I'm asking everyone to please #bekind."

As both Laura and Dave rightly point out, Bake Off contestants are just ordinary people, who have kindly volunteered to bake on national TV for the purposes of our entertainment. So let's lay off them, shall we?

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