GBBO Fans Baffled By Savoury Tofu Macarons From Last Night's Episode

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GBBO Fans Baffled By Savoury Tofu Macarons From Last Night's Episode

Last night's episode of The Great British Bake Off marked Biscuit Week, where we saw everything from illusion macarons to garibaldi biscuits, and entire 3D masks made entirely from... well — biscuits. Yep! It was quite the show for a Tuesday evening.

But if there was one moment that's caused quite some reaction, it's the moment we discovered that Syabira — 32 year-old Cardiovascular Research Associate from London — had decided that she was making Chicken Satay Macarons using tofu, ginger and peanut satay (it's worth noting here that Paul Hollywood *hates* tofu). Noel Fielding even labelled her idea as "bonkers."

Unphased by the initial reaction from the hosts and judges, Syabira went on to actually pleasantly surprise the experts. Although, viewers at home weren't quite as convinced...

This wasn't the only controversy during last night's episode. Fans have been quick to respond to the show's take on a classic garibaldi biscuit, and it does not involve siding with the idea of there being chocolate.

In a twist on the original, Dame Prue Leith's recipe sees the addition of feathered chocolate to give the biscuits some decoration and test the skills of the GBBO contestants. The added feature caused confusion amongst the bakers, with some of them not understanding what feathering meant.

As for the viewers response to the show's garibaldi biscuit recipe, well — they weren't the happiest — let's put it that way...