Gay Halloween Costumes, "Scooped Bagels," And Other Internet Trends You Don't Want To Miss

Hello, fellow internet explorers! Welcome back to Chronically Online, where we break down the latest memes, TikTok trends, and viral moments that are buzzing around in your phone.

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Happy Halloween! Before you don your costume and gorge yourself on candy, let's dive into what you might have missed online lately. Starting with...some Halloween memes, of course!

Twitter: @MGlasgowGoods

Perhaps one of the best Halloween memes of 2023 is the "gay Halloween party" joke, which features scary costumes we all secretly think are genius.

Twitter: @alex_abads

Meanwhile on TikTok, an *actually* terrifying video about a guy trying to order a "scooped bagel" in NYC is getting people riled up.

When Los Angeleno Taylor Offer asked for a gluten free, "scooped" bagel, he was turned away and, uh, the people of TikTok and Twitter were definitely not sympathetic.

Twitter: @Ian_Gay_briel

A less controversial TikTok take is the "who's that wonderful girl" trend, which features an adorable sound from a children's show to represent wholesome girlie things.

Main Character energy right here.

And you might see some "Dollarita Steve" costumes out there tonight, since a news clip of a Bay Area local being interviewed after an earthquake is going viral thanks to some thirsty fans.

Twitter: @sp00kyvic

And now, the part where we round up the last few enjoyable things around the internet.

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Celebrate: Halloween as hard as this spooky owl.

Twitter: @thegallowboob

Prepare yourself: For the chicken crossover event of the century.

Twitter: @ameliadimz

Make: Dirt pudding cups in a martini glass, because you're classy.

Wait: For Mariah's signal to officially begin Christmas season. #NotYet.

Twitter: @MariahCarey

That's all for today! Go forth, eat candy, and I'll see you next time.

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