Gary Rhodes' son shares how family will pay tribute to chef on anniversary of his death

Amy Johnson
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Watch: Gary Rhodes’ son opens up about dad’s death ahead of anniversary

Gary Rhodes' son has shared how the family will be paying tribute to the late chef on the first anniversary of his death.

He died on 26 November last year at his Dubai home from a bleed to the brain aged 59.

Gary was survived by his wife Jennie and his two sons Samuel and George. George appeared on Loose Women on Wednesday, the day before the anniversary, to reflect on the special way they'd mark it.

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"Tomorrow we are going to be marking dad's anniversary," he shared. "My wife and I are going to Dubai. The hotels there where dad worked, we've still got two restaurants out there.

"They've been incredibly supportive in the last year. They're putting on a dinner in dad's honour, some of his classic dishes and of course, a glass of champagne - the way he would've enjoyed it."

George added that his mother Jennie had taken over the two restaurants, noting that it had given her a "focus" and that they could continue his father's legacy.

Describing how the coronavirus pandemic had impacted the family’s huge loss, he went on: "It's been a hard year - obviously globally, everyone is struggling with losses and not being able to see their family. For us, we've not actually been able to be there together as a family in a year. We would actually really need each other."

Gary Rhodes and family pictured in 2003 in London. (Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images)
Gary Rhodes and family pictured in 2003 in London. (Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images)

Gary underwent brain surgery when he was 19 as he suffered a blood clot after being hit by a van.

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He had been warned by doctors to avoid sustaining another head injury which led to him stopping playing football.

The father-of-two told the Daily Mail: "The doctors didn't tell me not to play any more, just to be very careful because of the risk of another head injury. But to me it's not worth the risk, so I don't play at all."

Watch: Gary Rhodes dies in Dubai at the age of 59