Gary Rhodes did not fall in the shower, friend reveals – as new details of final hours emerge

Staff writer

Gary Rhodes collapsed with a 'bleed on the brain' as he got ready for bed after taking a shower and eating a ham sandwich with his wife, a close friend has revealed.

The celebrity chef died a short time later after being taken to Al Zahra Hospital Dubai.

His friend Jaideep Bhatia insisted that reports he had slipped and fallen in the shower and banged his head were false.

Speaking to Mail Online, Mr Bhatia said: "Gary had a terrific day filming his new TV series in one of the most scenic parts of Dubai and was happy and excited as he sat down for a ham sandwich with Jennie.

"He had showered before dinner - and did not fall while doing so - and enjoyed a relaxed meal with his wife.

"He was then preparing for bed when he suddenly collapsed.

"I have been in very close contact with the family at this difficult time and want to end speculation that he fell and hurt himself - he was not injured.

"The collapse was due to natural causes beyond anyone's control and he died later in hospital despite efforts to save him.

"Everyone who knew and loved him is heartbroken. It's so sad."

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