Will Gao wants his style to showcase his 'youth'

Will Gao wants to dress his age credit:Bang Showbiz
Will Gao wants to dress his age credit:Bang Showbiz

Will Gao wants his clothes to showcase his “youth”.

The ‘Heartstopper’ star thinks style is one of the best tools in his arsenal to maintain his teenage status is through fashion as his age mates jet off to university while he dives into showbiz.

The 19-year-old actor told GQ magazine: “I'm still a young guy, who has been thrown into adulthood. I look at my peers, who went to universities across the country, and while I'm so grateful for my life right now. There are mad parallels which really position me away from other 19-year-olds.”

Will also said: "It's quite schoolboy! Subconsciously, I wanted to project my youth. I use clothes to paint a picture of me as a young fun guy. I've always loved colour, and that's something that has stuck with me since primary school. I love fucking colour up.”

The sometime model is “enticed” by the “glamour” and “creativity” of the fashion industry and has always been so.

He said: “The world of fashion has always enticed me, the glamour of it all and the creativity. I never thought my invitation into it would happen this abruptly. It's been zero to 100 and to be honest, it's quite intense. The attention is quite crazy.”

The Netflix star called putting together a look “an art form” as he reflected on his time strutting his stuff on the runway for SS Daley’s recent catwalk.

Will said: “I dabbled in modelling.

He added: “It's the closest thing we have to our bodies, and it's an art form.”