Game Of Thrones fans were chuffed to see this character return for the finale

Anna Lewis
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SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers for the Game Of Thrones finale ahead…

So that’s it, is it? No more Game Of Thrones. No more theories on what’s going to happen between Jon Snow and Daenerys (RIP). No more wondering if supposedly dead characters will return (100% RIP). And no more yelling at the TV every time Bran Stark opens his mouth.

Speaking of that little scallywag, much to a lot of people’s surprise, Bran The Broken was crowned King Of The Six Kingdoms (it was agreed that Sansa Stark would be Queen Of The North) in the finale. This decision was made by a council of Westeros’ leaders.

The council included Ser Davos, Samwell Tarly, Yaras Greyjoy and lovely Gendry.

But forget about those guys, because the council member that really got fans excited was Robin Arryn. In case your memory fails you, Robin was that little shit of a child that had a penchant for having people thrown through moon doors. Oh, and breastfeeding – he loved him some breast milk; even as a pre-teen.

Robin is the son of Lysa, who was killed by Littlefinger when she got a taste of her own medicine and left this world via her own moon door.

Photo credit: HBO

The main point people are making about Robin being in the finale is that he has had a serious glow-up.

What an absolute babe he’s become. Perhaps the gallons of breast milk he consumed are behind his chiselled cheekbones and glossy hair.

Photo credit: HBO

Robin is played by 18-year-old actor Lino Facioli, who has also appeared in get Him To The Greek and The Armstrong And Miller Show. And we're expecting to see him in the next 'Got Milk' campaign any day now...

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