Galaxy’s New Salted Caramac-Inspired Chocolate Bar Is Going To Blow Your Mind

Anna Lewis
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Photo credit: @well_this_is_new_
Photo credit: @well_this_is_new_

From Delish

Galaxy chocolate is getting one hell of an upgrade next year. Mars, which makes the iconic Galaxy chocolate bars, is launching three new Galaxy flavours in 2021, and it’s the good news we’ve been waiting for.

According to reports, the three new flavours on offer next year will be a dark chocolate - made with 70% cocoa - dark chocolate with raspberry and meringue pieces, and a blonde chocolate bar with sea salt.

Now, don’t guess us wrong – we are wildly excited about the dark chocolate flavours, especially the raspberry meringue one, but that last one has got us riled up like no one’s business.

Blonde chocolate, in case you didn’t know, is caramelised white chocolate. So, we’re guessing this bar will taste like Caramac or Caramilk but with a delicious salty kick. Think salted caramel but in a solid white chocolate form.

Hell to the yeah!

We first heard the wonderful, wonderful news when photos started being shared on Instagram.

A photo was shared by @productsinstore, which explained that the bars would be available in March 2021. Plus, Galaxy Minstrels and Galaxy Smooth Milk, will undergo a package redesign, which will be rolled out from the end of December this year.

Let’s be honest, we were already looking forward to seeing the back of this terrible year, but now 2021 is bringing even more reason to be joyful.

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