These New Galaxy Biscuits Are Smothered In So Much Milk Chocolate, They Should Be Illegal

Anna Lewis
·1-min read
Photo credit: Galaxy/@helenjtea
Photo credit: Galaxy/@helenjtea

From Delish

If you’re really feeling the cold right now thanks to all this snow, a warming cuppa is just what the doctor ordered.

But you can’t have a cup of tea, coffee or even a hot chocolate with a biscuit (or two… oh who am I kidding? Try 5...) on the side. I actually think it’s illegal to have a cuppa without a biscuit in some countries…

Knowing Brits’ unbridled love of biscuits, Galaxy has launched these new chocolate covered biscuits that would take a dunking perfectly.

Galaxy Chocolatey Moments are delicate shortcake biscuits smothered in delicious chocolate.

I mean, just look at all that creamy chocolate!

Galaxy Chocolatey Moments will be available at Sainsbury’s from 7th February and Tesco from 15th February, and a pack of 10 biscuits will set you back £1.50.

You know how we mentioned having a chocolate biscuit with a hot chocolate earlier? Well, would it be too outrageous to have a couple of these biscuits dunked into a Galaxy Truffles Hot Chocolate?

This extravagant instant hot chocolate powder was first spotted in Asda for just £2.79, and it features the smooth, rich flavours of Galaxy Truffles.

Not familiar with Galaxy Truffles? They're basically a creamy milk chocolate shell that's filled with a velvety truffle centre. So, just imagine that, but in hot chocolate form…

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