Gaffer: Joe Morrell has become a liability for Portsmouth - he may find it hard to get back in

Regan Poole was Gaffer For A Day Adrian Bennett's choice as Pompey man of the match against Peterborough. Picture: Jason Brown/ProSportsImages
Regan Poole was Gaffer For A Day Adrian Bennett's choice as Pompey man of the match against Peterborough. Picture: Jason Brown/ProSportsImages

What did you make of that?

That performance was a lot better than in recent weeks and you could see the reasons why.

We moved the ball a lot, lot quicker and that's the key to any game. The ball moves quicker than any player, you see it in the Premier League, and when we do that then it’s going to create goals.

We stopped faffing around at the back, playing from left to right without really going anywhere, while Will Norris’ delivery was excellent.

Another difference was Christian Saydee starting. He held the ball up, brought others into the game, showing power and pace, which we all enjoy watching.

Who stood out for you?

Regan Poole hardly put a foot wrong and the only reason he beats Christian Saydee to man of the match is his second-half goal, when he finished at the back post with a striker’s vision.

He kept the back line solid, talked to Zak Swanson throughout, and works incredibly well with Conor Shaughnessy, who is another I feel assured with at the back.

When Pompey signed Regan, I looked him up and, while he appeared pretty solid, I did wonder whether he was going to offer anything more than Sean Raggett.

There was no guarantee he would do any better, but it has turned out Regan is performing extremely well.

What did you make of Joe Morrell’s fourth red card?

For the second yellow card, there’s a covering player anyway. I guess the red mist must come down, but he’s becoming a bit of a liability.

With Alex Robertson and the signing of Tino Anjorin, I think Morrell may now struggle to get back in.

He’s a good, solid player who sometimes can’t pick a pass out, but Robertson certainly can, although needs to get the rest of the team thinking how he does.

I remember Alan Ball’s team picked up plenty of cards, but the pace of the game is a lot quicker since the days of Mick Kennedy, you can get undone easier, players are more direct.

Nowadays when down to 10 men you’re under more pressure – which is why you can’t afford to keep picking up red cards.

How do you see this season?

For the first time in a couple of years, I actually came away feeling excited.

I struggle to get excited going to matches. Being a season-ticket holder you still go along, with a lot of expectation – but no real excitement.

The last time I was excited about a team was in 2017-18 for our first season back in League One. Since then, there has been no stand-out player which excites me until now. Christian Saydee certainly does.

Before Saturday’s game I looked at the line-up and thought “This squad is good”, then I came away after winning 3-1 and, for the first time in a long while, was excited about it all.

Will Norris – 8

Zak Swanson – 8

Regan Poole – 9

Conor Shaughnessy – 8

Connor Ogilvie – 8

Marlon Pack – 8

Joe Morrell – 7

Gavin Whyte – 7

Christian Saydee – 9

Abu Kamara – 8

Colby Bishop – 8