The Future Forest: Artist Creates Beautiful Botanical Garden Using 3 Tonnes Of Plastic Waste

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A colourful botanical garden has been created in Mexico City using 3 tonnes of discarded plastic waste. Created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo. The Future Forest was not only created to raise awareness of the devastating impact plastic waste has on our planet but also as a tribute to the people who collect and clear the waste from our environments. "In Mexico City those heroes are known as pepenadores," explains Thomas. "I believe we should celebrate these people and show how wonderful they are," he continues. Together with the pepenadores, their children, more than 700 students, an orphanage, an elderly home, and more than 100 volunteers in two months Thomas and his team turned 3 tons of plastic waste into a colourful 500m2 forest featuring thousands of trees, plants, flowers and animals. The Future Forest was built in Mexico’s Jardín Botánico del Bosque de Chapultepec

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