Fursac Men’s Spring 2025: Biarritz Bound

This season, Fursac creative director Gauthier Borsarello had Biarritz in mind and asked himself the question: Why don’t people see clothing as art?

Then he literally merged the two, presenting the brand’s spring line inside of Paris’ Picasso museum over three days. There, Fursac collaborated with artist Lionel Estève.

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“In his artwork, you had some things that really fit the collection,” said Borsarello. Those juxtaposed fashion and art, but also harkened back to nature. Examples on exhibit included rocks Estève covered with hand-made embroidery, or his compositions made of pressed plants and watercolor. “He likes to find new ways of expression, and that’s something so refereshing,” continued Borsarello.

For the garments, he also channeled the late arisocratic French surfer Arnaud de Rosnay.

“His life was really flamboyant, something special,” said Borsarello. “It really was a tribute to him, to this period when the French surf scene was super strong. I defined everything around this idea and lifestyle of this guy.”

Blooming flower prints appeared on shorts, trousers, a shirt and blazer.

“I was dreaming about this guy going on holiday in Biarritz for a wedding,” explained Borsarello.

Fursac inked a collaboration with surfing brand T&C for garments made with the ying-yang logo, such as a white hoodie. For more dressed-up looks there was a pink silk blazer.

“I’m really focusing on not blending the fabrics — or the raw materials — as much as possible,” said Borsarello, who went for lighter fabrics and constructed garments as simple as possible, so they will last a long time. “That’s a global focus.”

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