The funniest moments from series 10 of MAFS Australia

We think it’s safe to say that this season of Married At First Sight Australia might have been one of the most dramatic yet, with enough cheating, breakups and backstabbing to satisfy any reality TV craving.

But, between all the tension, there were also some hilarious moments that had us laughing throughout the season. From Ollie’s reactions to Rupert’s awkwardness, here are just a few of the funniest moments from this season of MAFS to keep you entertained until next week’s explosive reunion.

Ollie’s reaction to Harrison

In a super tense episode where Harrison called it quits with Bronte, there was one moment that shined above the rest and that was Ollie’s look to the camera as he said Harrison wasn’t really crying.

Speaking to the cameras, Ollie said: “I say this with respect for Harrison, but you know, every time he does tear up, God bless him, he doesn’t actually cry. He actually doesn’t,” and fans could not cope.

Rupert’s one-liners to Evelyn

Despite the couple breaking up at final vows, they still had some pretty funny moments all thanks to Rupert’s one-liners. From saying her dress was an “unhealthy pee colour” to referring to them having sex as “having adult hugs” and, of course, his awkward shyness at their wedding, this one’s for you, Rupes.

Duncan’s sexy photoshoot

As a way to spice up his relationship with Alyssa, Duncan got Evelyn to take some steamy photos of him complete with an apron, paint, roses and more and it was so entertaining to see. Also, we all need a hype woman like Evelyn!

Melinda crashing Evelyn and Rupert's hot tub date

During Rupert and Evelyn's romantic date in a hot tub during the couple's retreat, it was crashed by none other than Melinda and it was too funny.

"This was originally going to be Evs and I for the romantic time, but I'm happy to have you here," Rupert told Melinda. How sweet!

Ollie’s impressions

If we could go to anyone for comedic relief this season, it was Ollie with his iconic impressions. Whether it was The Rock or expert John Aiken, we seriously think he could have a career in this!

Melinda saying Layton’s “being a Harrison”

We couldn’t help but laugh out loud at this moment. In an argument with Layton, Melinda said he was “acting like a Harrison,” while the man himself was sat right there. “Hey... I’m here,” he replied to which she just stared at him, and we could not cope.

Cam and Lyndall's argument

While on homestay week, Lyndall and Cam came to blows a few times and in one particular scene Cam's his friend was sat silently between the couple. It was pretty awkward, to say the least, but very funny to watch!

Melinda and Evelyn eavesdropping

At the couple's retreat, Melinda and Evelyn snuck off from girls night on a secret mission to listen in on what the boys were saying and while the aftermath was pretty dramatic, we couldn't stop laughing at their wannabe spy skills.

Harrison thanking Bronte

At this season’s most controversial couple decided to call it quits for the final time, Bronte told Harrison she’s never met anyone like him, to which he said thank you, and she replied "I mean that in the worst way possible". The moment was hilariously awkward, with fans in absolute stitches on social media.

Jesse streaking

In one of the funniest moments of the season, Jesse decided to let loose and run around naked during the couple's retreat and just like his fellow brides and grooms, we were howling with laughter at home.

Melinda and Layton's cupboard argument

Homestay week made and broke some couples, with favourites Melinda and Layton coming to blows over none other than a cupboard door. Even the voice over lady threw some shade at the silly argument, but we're just glad they worked this one out!

Seriously, could next week's reunion come any sooner?

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