The Funniest Moments From The Oscars 2020

Olivia Ovenden
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Sometimes, and bear with us here, the Oscars can make us laugh. While there's always awkward speeches and curveball musical numbers to contend with, a room packed with acting and comedy talent sometimes gifts us a chortle.

The 92nd Academy Award ceremony wasn't short on the awkward moments, but it had a few laughs too. Here are our favourites from the night:

Steve Martin and Chris Rock made things uncomfortable

Photo credit: Kevin Winter - Getty Images

Given the Oscars were host-less for a second year, it's a nerve-racking job being the first people to actually speak at the event. This year it was the job of Steve Martin and Chris Rock who stuck it to Jeff Bezos ("Good actor!") and Scorsese's lengthy mob movie ("I loved the first series of The Irishman"). The duo made repeated reference to the lack of female directors and lack of nominees of colour, making an uncomfortable but important point.

Perhaps their best jab was Rock saying, "Driving here at night and seeing the terrible homeless problem in LA –" before Martin intentionally cut him off, saying, "Thank you Chris". They walked offstage after finishing with, "Well, we've had a great time not hosting tonight".

Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves' on-stage chemistry

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The pair, who played a couple dating in the 2004 film Something's Gotta Give, were reunited to present the Best Original Screenplay award. They seemed to have some unfinished business, Keaton referencing their time together by saying, "We had some really, let's be frank, we had some good times", to which Reeves inferred she meant fellow co-star Jack Nicholson. Keaton cut in: "I wouldn't go that far". Sorry, Jack!

Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig doing their best acting

Photo credit: Kevin Winter - Getty Images

The comedy pair, a highlight from the Oscars last year, presented the awards for production design and costume design, adding some fun to two awards which aren't exactly the nail-biters of the evening. Rudolph and Wiig came on stage acted angry in order to convince the directors in the audience they "don't just do comedy". They also broke into a mash-up of songs in order to present the costume award, impressing all but a scowling Billie Eilish who the camera quickly cut away from. Their presenting wasn't groundbreaking, but as a reminder of their natural charm and chemistry with each other, it made clear how much that was lacking elsewhere.

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