The Funniest Memes And Tweets To Come From The 2023 Golden Globes

golden globes memes and tweets
The Funniest Memes From The 2023 Golden GlobesGilbert Flores - Getty Images

The Golden Globes have kicked off the 2023 awards season with a bang, and it's safe to say that if the calibre of talent present, heartfelt speeches and hilarious moments are anything to go by, this year is going to be one of the best yet.

In addition to the scrolling through the stunning red carpet outfits from the likes of Margot Robbie, Jenna Ortega and Anya Taylor Joy, we're spending today looking through the funniest memes and Tweets to have emerged from the night. From users commenting on winner Austin Butler's Elvis accent (again) and Jennifer Coolidge's mic-dropping speech, to Michelle Yeoh telling the piano man to 'shut up' , let's just say the Internet has won with its reactions.

We thought we'd put together the funniest memes and Tweets that came out of the Golden Globes, since we all need a laugh on this depressing January morning.

Quinta Brunson noticing Brad Pitt

Taylor Swift's absence

Jennifer Coolidge bringing the house down

Austin Butler's Elvis voice

Michelle Yeoh's reaction to the piano man

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