Funniest Celebrity Big Brother moments of all time

Jon OBrien
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Funniest Celebrity Big Brother moments of all time
Verne Troyer on Celebrity Big Brother 6

Like its 'civilian' version, 'Celebrity Big Brother' is renowned for its conflict, from John McCririck's temper tantrums about Diet Coke to the whole Shilpa Shetty scandal to Denise Welch's bust-up with the Playboy twins. But arguably, some of its greatest moments have been when the housemates abandon their argumentative side and instead embrace the chance to show off their sense of humour. Here's a look at six of the funniest moments from across its eleven series.

Yeah, Brackie

After a three year absence, CBB rebooted itself in 2005 with one of its most entertaining and random cast of celebrities, but it was a latecomer who provided the highlight of the series. Dressed in medieval costume for the weekly task, the housemates may have been expecting a Queen Mother-type figure to walk through the door, but no-one was expecting it to be Jackie Stallone, the 80-something bum-reading mother of Sylvester, and more significantly, the ex-mother-in-law of the poor unsuspecting Brigitte Nielsen. Cue cries of 'OMG Jackie' and Stallone's bewildered and much-quoted response, 'Yeah, Brackie.'

Kenzie dressed as Humpty Dumpty

Previously known as the leader of teenage chav-rap gang Blazin' Squad, Kenzie surprised everyone in Series 3 when it turned out he wasn't a foul-mouthed hoodie but instead a rather polite and well-mannered young man who wasn't afraid to take the mickey out of himself. Destroying all his street cred in one foul swoop after being saddled with a Humpty Dumpty costume for a fancy dress task, his increasing exasperation at his housemates' failure to understand he got the raw end of the deal was hilarious.

Pete Burns & George Galloway's interpretive dance routine

Chantelle's cringeworthy rendition of Kandy Floss' 'I Want It All,' Pete Burns' confiscated gorilla coat, George Galloway's toe-curling cat impression - the brilliant Series 4 was filled with so many wall-to-wall TV gold moments that it's almost impossible to choose just one. But it was possibly the latter gruesome twosome's interpretive dance which created the biggest amount of amusement and astonishment. Dressed in all-in-one latex outfits, the unlikely double act were presented with the challenge of portraying the emotion of losing their dog using just the art of robotic movement. Unsurprisingly, they both looked a pair of wallies.

Leo Sayer goes bananas

The chart-topping success of Meck collaboration, 'Thunder In My Heart,' obviously went to Leo Sayer's head as the 70s pop star displayed the kind of diva behaviour that would put Mariah Carey to shame during the hugely troubled Series 5. Throwing a tantrum after BB refused to give him clean underpants, the Afro-haired has-been then burst through a fire door, charged down the camera run and attempted to pick a fight with both security guards and producers in perhaps the most volatile exit ever.

Verne Troyer slams into diary room door

Just pipping his incredible 'Endless Love' duet with Ulrika Jonsson, Verne Troyer excelled himself in Series 6 when under the influence, he began cruising around in his pimped up scooter and chatting up ex-Sugababe Mutya before ram-raiding the diary room door at a speedy 2mph, receiving probably the least stern telling off from a laughter-stifling Big Brother as a consequence.

Julie Goodyear & Cheryl Fergison's fake bust-up

Big Brother's opening night twists usually end up falling flatter than a pancake. But with two soap behemoths in residence, Series 10's attempt to immediately stir things up was inspired. Asked to pretend that they were former love rivals, Julie Goodyear, aka Corrie's Bet Lynch and Cheryl Fergison, aka Eastenders' Heather, went it at full throttle, resulting in the former throwing a glass of water over the latter in a dramatic manner worthy of gracing any big shoulder-padded US soap opera.