FULL POST-MATCH REACTION: The view of Stuart King after Carrick Rangers' 2-1 Sports Direct Premiership defeat to Glenavon

Carrick Rangers' Kyle Cherry receives a straight red card during this afternoon's game at Mourneview Park, Lurgan. PIC: Alan Weir/Pacemaker Press
Carrick Rangers' Kyle Cherry receives a straight red card during this afternoon's game at Mourneview Park, Lurgan. PIC: Alan Weir/Pacemaker Press

The Gers were reduced to 10-men in the 16th minute as Kyle Cherry received a straight red card for a tackle on Jack Malone before Malone scored the winner from the penalty spot following a second-half challenge from Joe Crowe.

Here was what King had to say at full-time.

On decisions

"Last week I got a phone call from Raymond Crangle apologising for giving a penalty that wasn’t and we got beat 1-0.

"Today, the red card is debatable. He hasn’t went with a two-footed lunge – he has his foot on the ground and he hits him in the far corner.

"That’s stupid from my player because he shouldn’t lunge in and give him the opportunity, but we scored a wonder goal to make it 1-1.

"I went to see him after and asked him if he has watched it back (penalty incident) – he is still sticking by it.

"The standard of refereeing has absolutely killed us the last two weeks.

"I told him I don’t want another phone call. These phone calls to managers on a Saturday night – it affects people’s jobs.

"Gary (Hamilton) has been the same. His assistant (Paul McAreavey) got an 11-game ban because somebody made a bad decision.

"It affects people and it’s nonsense – it’s so bad.

"I know they’ll ring me, but what is the point in ringing me on a Saturday night when we’ve been beaten 2-1 because of an official?

"We were brilliant today – my team were outstanding, especially when we went down to 10-men.

"I thought we started really well and thought we were brilliant. We bossed the game and had a lot of chances – Rory Brown is their best player.

"Then we get done by that with a few minutes to go – it’s so, so bad.

"Their ‘Catch Yourself On’ campaign – they need to catch themselves on.

"I know I’m passionate on the sideline, I know I care and sometimes I go OTT, but I’ve only had one booking this season when everyone is getting booked left, right and centre.

"What I will say is that isn’t acceptable – last weekend it cost us a point and again this weekend against a team that were always going to have a reaction.

"It’s a disgrace.”

On constant chat about referees and have you seen evidence of improvement since new campaign?

"Nobody has come to us – they’ve came out with this campaign and not one person has came to see us.

"I know they went to some of the full-time teams but they haven’t came anywhere near Carrick.

"The new guy that has came in hasn’t said a word to me – I don’t know him or haven’t met him.

"We’re getting the same referees week in, week out and nobody has came to us.

"Today is beyond a joke.”

On manager meeting to discuss new rules

"It’s the first I’ve heard of it – I wasn’t at it.

"I didn’t get any invite to it.”

On respect being earned between official and manager with correct decisions

"Everybody can make mistakes but if anybody thinks I’m not going to be upset after last weekend and then coming here today and watching that – I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t come out and say how upset I am by that.

"I’m fighting for my life and club week in, week out and my boys have been brilliant. The referees have let them down.”

On reaction after going down to 10-men

"I thought we played well all day.

"We were really good before Kyle got sent off – we were outstanding.

"Rory Brown was their best player and I think that says everything.

"We were 10-men for 75 minutes and bossed the game against a team on their home pitch.

"That is absolutely brutal and they’ll expect us to just suck it up.

"I genuinely don’t want another phone call – if they want to meet me and talk to me they can.

"What do you want me to say? I don’t want to get myself in trouble.

"I’ve had one booking this season and I’m trying my best to get on with them.

"They will go in there, come up with a plan – I went in there with the phone and said have you seen that? If he is watching that and is giving it as a penalty kick – it’s so bad.”

On guarding against what Glenavon might be like with new manager bounce

"It has been a mad week.

"Of course they were going to get a reaction – when you lose your boss of 12 years then you have to show fight and a reaction.

"It was all about us and the reaction I got today was outstanding.

"We were poor last weekend – we were done by a penalty that wasn’t a penalty but we were poor – but today I thought we were outstanding.”

On performance with 10-men

"When we’re at it we’re a good team and we have beaten big clubs.

"We’ve been done by a really bad decision.

"Here’s another one – Danny Wallace was on a yellow card, he punches the ball and doesn’t get sent off.”

On Danny Purkis’ goal

"That’s what is annoying – I just said to Chris (Morrison, referee) there now that everyone in the country should be talking about Danny Purkis today but it’ll be all about you.

"No one is going to talk about Danny’s goal because every Carrick fan is going to talk about the referee giving a penalty kick and us getting beaten 2-1, not Danny’s wonder goal.

"There aren’t many people in this league who can do things like that but it’s all about the referees.”