These Are The 10 Luckiest Baby Names To Give Your Child

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What’s in a name? Well, a whole host of fame and fortune, if you’re lucky.

And you’re bound to be – lucky, that is – if this survey of the top baby names of 2020 is anything to go by. analysed the most popular 1,000 names for boys and girls, looking for those that are most desired, but also have meanings of luck.

They then surveyed a pool of 3,428 people, all of whom are parents or soon-to-be parents, to determine whether they would consider giving their baby a name with ‘lucky’ connotations or not – and their motivations behind these choices.

Researchers found 94% of parents who believe in good fortune think that having a ‘lucky’ baby name will help their child’s future. Among those who disagree, 38% say they’d avoid such names because they’re “too mainstream”.

Whichever side of the rainbow you stand on, we have a wealth of baby name inspiration on HuffPost UK Parents, and you might just double your luck with one from this top 10.


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(Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez via Getty Images)
(Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez via Getty Images)


This comes straight from the Greek word for ‘rainbow’, which symbolises good luck. It’s also a symbol of striving against the odds in 2020.


This pretty name also stems from the Greek word for ‘bearer of good news’.


Meaning ‘she who brings happiness; blessed’ in Latin, Beatrice is the third most popular lucky girls’ name for 2020.


A name for the green stone used often in jewellery, Jade also comes from the Spanish, ‘piedra de la ijada’, which means ‘stone of the colic’. An old wives’ belief stated that when jade is applied to a baby’s stomach, it can cure colic.


‘Bright’ or ‘light’ in Italian, this name will shine out from the crowd.


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(Photo: ICHIRO via Getty Images)
(Photo: ICHIRO via Getty Images)


The Hebrew word for ‘happy’ or ‘happiness’, this will stick out in a crowd.


Latin for ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’, its female version is Felicity or Felicia.


Irish-Gaelic in origin, this unusual, but beautiful, name means ‘sense’ or ‘intelligence’.


This obvious winner comes from the English, meaning ‘good fortune’.


From the Latin, meaning ‘blessed’ – you’re bound to be with a baby Bennett.


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