Fruits to avoid and enjoy this summer if you have Type 2 diabetes

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Fruits to avoid and enjoy this summer if you have Type 2 diabetes

If you suffer from Type 2 diabetes, it is important to make sure you are not metabolising too many grams of carbs through fruit consumption.

According to diabetes experts at CuraLife, you should consume fruits in moderation and always be considerate of what you eat. The key is to keep track of carbohydrate consumption and consider the glycemic index (GI) of a fruit.

The GI is a useful tool for making dietary decisions. Take into consideration that fruits and fruit products with high GI scores can raise your blood sugar levels. So even though they are not forbidden, some should be consumed in moderation.

These are: watermelons (GI: 72), pumpkin (75), pineapple (66), Fruit juice (40-68), and dried fruit (64).

Therefore, the best fruits for diabetics to eat are the ones with low GI, such as: blackberries (GI: 25), oranges (40), strawberries (41), avocados (15), sour cherries (22), plums (24), grapefruit (25), pears (30), apples (36), nectarines (40), peaches (42), bananas (52), and blueberries (53).

Top tips for enjoying fruit as a diabetic

- At mealtimes, fill most of your plate with non-starchy vegetables, that way you can enjoy fruit for dessert and snacks. Combining non-starchy vegetables and fruit can help lower the risk of blood sugar spikes after a meal

- Include healthy fats in each meal. This will encourage a feeling of fullness and healthy fats promote antioxidant and nutrient absorption

- Opt for fresh, whole fruit over fruit juice, dried fruit and canned fruit, these are usually filled with excess sugar and other unnecessary ingredients

- Distribute your fruit throughout the day, instead of two breakfast servings, go for one portion for breakfast and one for lunch or as a snack.

Help support a healthy lifestyle with a herbal supplement

Dr Sarah Brewer, GP and diabetes specialist, also recommends the 100 per cent natural diabetes supplement CuraLin to her patients.

"If you are being managed by diet and lifestyle, you may benefit from the Ayurvedic herbal supplement, CuraLin - a blend of 10 traditional medicinal herbs to support glucose control and work in several different ways supporting insulin release, insulin resistance and suppressing food cravings to help control a sweet tooth," she said. "If you are taking prescribed medication, always check with your doctor before using any herbal or food supplements or making changes to your diet and lifestyle."

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