Frozen’s Kristen Bell And Jonathan Groff Reunited As Fans Wait For News On The Third Movie

 Kristoff and Anna in Frozen II.
Kristoff and Anna in Frozen II.

Disney’s announcement that Frozen 3 was on its way is fantastic news for fans of the Disney franchise. The last time we saw our beloved characters, Anna was crowned Queen of Arendelle and engaged to Kristoff. As fans are waiting for more news to come from the upcoming Disney movie, Frozen’s Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff have a sweet reunion.

Things may be up in the air about Frozen 3's progress. But, that doesn’t mean that the cast of the celebrated animated movie can’t have casual get-togethers every now and then. Kristen Bell, who plays the voice of Anna in the Frozen movies, posted on Instagram photos and a video of her and her husband Dax Shepard having a NYC weekend. Take a look at what Frozen cast member she got to see during her fun weekend.

In between a photo of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard sharing a yummy meal together and a video of the Parenthood actor directing the transit system, Bell shared a cute photo with Disney co-star Jonathan Groff who plays the voice of Kristoff in the Frozen movies. It looks like she got the opportunity to see Groff in the money-making Broadway show Merrily We Roll Along playing composer Franklin Shepard. We also saw that she attended another Frozen co-star’s show, Josh Gad, who starred in Gutenberg! The Musical! about two theater composers creating an inaccurate musical about Johannes Gutenberg. Bell’s got quite a theatrical social circle among her New York chums.

It was amazingly good news that Frozen 3 has been confirmed considering the stars had their own theories if this was even going to happen. Alfred Molina, who voiced King Agnarr, heard that a third movie wasn’t happening. The filmmakers of the Frozen films, at the time, gave their piece that they felt the story was complete as it was, but it’s open to change. On the other hand, Kristen Bell was thrilled at the idea of a third movie saying she’d do it “in a heartbeat” as she loves her Frozen family. Jonathan Groff also felt that a threequel was possible. Thankfully, the cast will get together once again to continue the story of fan-favorite characters everyone has grown to love since the first movie premiered ten years ago.

Now that we know for sure we’re getting a Frozen 3, we still haven’t gotten a lot of news on what’s happening with it. Co-director Jennifer Lee gave a cryptic update that everyone is very excited about what she and the rest of the crew have been working on for the threequel. So, at least that’s a sign that work is being done. Since the news of Frozen 3 was announced in February, it’s possible that we won’t get a release date until 2025. As it’s been four years since Frozen II, maybe Anna and Kristoff will be married as King and Queen and we’ll get to see their new life together. Maybe they’ll have little princesses and princes to rule Arendelle with.

Frozen 3 may be slow with their updates, but at least we got sweet news that Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff had a fun time in New York City together. As it may be a long time until we get a third movie, you can watch both Frozen movies on your Disney+ subscription.