A Few Drops of Playa Ritual Hair Oil Keep My Hair Soft, Shiny, and Healthy

Anvita Reddy

Ever since I was a little girl, hair oils have been a part of my hair-care routine. The night before I washed my hair, I would deep condition with a whole variety of Ayurvedic oils. They would leave my hair super soft and shiny and made it feel healthy. However, that's all I ever did, besides shampoo and condition. No leave-in, no serums, no heat protectant, nothing. As I got older and life's stressors took over, my hair started to feel the effects of my hair-care ignorance. The shine was gone, my hair became lackluster, and my frizz and flyaways flourished. It wasn't until fairly recently that I learned that hair care is a lot like skin care; it requires daily maintenance. Enter Playa's Ritual Hair Oil . Keep reading for my full review.


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