Friends reunion trailer reveals get together is a big love-fest

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David Schwimmer is acting as host for an all-cast quiz as part of the Friends reunion special, which will debut next week.

The much-anticipated HBO Max get-together will also feature the co-stars checking out recreated sets from the beloved show, staging read-throughs from favourite scenes, and reminiscing about their time on the hit series, which ended 17 years ago.

Recalling the moment he knew that he and his castmates were huge stars, Matt LeBlanc says in its trailer, "I remember one time I had the news on and on the TV was an aerial shot of each of our houses and I remember looking at it and going, 'What the f**k? My roof is a mess.'"

Jennifer Aniston adds, "I went to the producer of the show I was on and he said, 'That show is not gonna make you a star!'"

The official trailer for Friends: The Reunion is now online. It will air on 27 May.

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