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The one with the milkshakes

Joey might not share food but he certainly shares milkshakes. This photo, circa 1995, was one of the cast's first official shoots. Jennifer Aniston is even sporting her iconic haircut. (Getty Images)

The best Friends photoshoots to get us in the mood for the reunion

Caroline Allen

Oh. My. God. As Janice would say.

We’ve had our hopes dashed one too many times when it comes to a Friends reunion but this time it’s official.

HBO has confirmed the Friends cast will reunite for a one-hour exclusive on its newly developed HBO Max channel and we have actual goosebumps.

Will Monica and Chandler still live in Westchester? Did Rachel ever actually go to Paris? What does Emma look like now? Oh, the questions.

And what’s more, we’re dying to see what wacky photoshoot they’ll do to commemorate the one where they all get back together.

The Friends cast have had their fair share of weird and wonderful photoshoots throughout the years so to get us back into the Friends spirit, let’s take a look at the most iconic ones.