Freshen up your home with these simple dryer sheet hacks

While dryer sheets may be synonymous with fresh, clean clothes, they can tackle many more chores outside of the laundry room. With just one pack of dryer sheets and these 6 hacks, you can clean, dust, eliminate odors, and keep your home smelling and looking like a set of sheets with a very high thread count.

For these hacks, you will need:

  • Dryer sheets

Dryer Sheet Hack 1: Remove Hard Water Stains

Remove stubborn hard water stains in your bathroom by rubbing a dryer sheet over any grimy surfaces.

Dryer Sheet Hack 2: Keep Sheets & Pillowcases Smelling Fresh

Keep your linens smelling fresh long after the laundry. Simply place dryer sheets in between a stack of folded sheets and pillowcases before putting them away.

Dryer Sheet Hack 3: Protect Old Books From Musty Odors

Guard your books against stuffy odors! Place a single dryer sheet between the pages of a book to keep your classics smelling brand new.

Dryer Sheet Hack 4: Dust Around The House

Dryer sheets are a great alternative to dusters. Just grab a dryer sheet and wipe down any dusty corners, nooks, crannies, or any other hard-to-reach areas.

Dryer Sheet Hack 5: Help Minimize Trash Can Odors

Keep smelly trash can odors at bay with one dryer sheet every garbage day. Toss a dryer sheet into your clean waste bin before lining it with a trash bag.

Dryer Sheet Hack 6: Freshen Up Your Gym Bag
Keep your gym bag smelling fresh on-the-go after a hard workout or practice. Simply tuck a dryer sheet in your bag along with the rest of your things.

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