French YouTuber explains croissant argument that divides country

A YouTuber has taken to social media to discuss the pastry debate that divides France.

Victor Blaho, from south west France, shared a video of himself ordering a croissant from a bakery in Paris - but it was the description of another treat that caught his eye.

“Essentially, there is a very famous pastry which is called ‘pain au chocolat’ in most places in France. It’s like a croissant with chocolate inside,” Victor says.

“In our region of France - in Toulouse, Bordeaux - we call this a ‘chocolatine’. In Paris, it’s a ‘pain au chocolat’. And this bakery had a ticket inscribed with ‘chocolatine’ which is a very strong statement.”

While Victor complimented staff for writing “chocolatine” on their ticket, they admitted that some Parisian customers refuse to buy the treat from their store.

“It’s a very funny debate, but it’s actually a very common debate among French people,” he added.