French Onion Baked Brie Is Like The First Gooey Bite Of Soup From Start To Finish

French Onion Soup
French Onion Soup - Photokitchen/Getty Images

Your first crock of French onion soup is an unforgettable experience. It is an eye-opening adventure that coddles your taste buds with an explosion of savory flavor. French onion soup is as comfy as a soft fleece throw pulled up over your legs on a chilly fall night. The gooey texture is as satisfying as it is rewarding, making the dish an instant favorite.

But let's be honest. The soup part of it isn't the reason you love French onion soup. In fact, you might not even finish the watery onion broth. However, you do peel that cheese off the sides of the crock, and eat every last piece of that soggy bread. Full transparency: The best part of French onion soup is that first spoonful. The one that isn't soup at all but instead just an intoxicating blend of cheese, onion, and bread. After you break through that upper layer of goo, French onion soup is just broth, which isn't all that exciting.

What if you could harness all your favorite parts and skip the broth? Consider French onion baked brie. It is not soup. That means every single mouthful is just as rewarding as the last. You get all the tastes and textures that you crave in every glorious bite.

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Why Brie Is Essential For French Onion Baked Brie

Oven-baked brie
Oven-baked brie - ganjalex/Shutterstock

When you make French onion soup, the heat from the soup turns the cheese, whether it's Swiss, mozzarella, or provolone, into a gooey delight that swirls around your tongue. That tantalizingly creamy texture is what you desire. Unfortunately, without heat, those cheeses will not melt to give you the silky sensation you seek. You need to switch up your recipe to use a cheese that has the consistency you yearn for at room temperature. You need brie.

Brie is an indulgent buttery cheese that has a decadent, creamy texture, even at room temperature. It is high in fat and sodium, so it checks the right boxes for comfort food. While brie gives you that craveable texture, however, it doesn't have the flavor of French onion soup. The quick fix is to add your favorite onions (along with any other ingredients suggested by your chosen recipe). Then you can just enjoy every bite ... from start to finish.

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